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The Flowpoint Method

A holistic approach providing a complete toolkit of knowledge and skills to give skiers the best chance for success and longevity in the sport.

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Marcus Brown
Jenny Labaw
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Every water skier has untapped potential. We know that it takes a well designed approach to technique, performance and health, in order for an athlete to reach that potential. We have created that very approach - it’s called FlowPoint Method. Your one-stop shop for all the best information related to improving your performance, on and off the water.

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Training Philosophy

Success never hinges on one single factor. In the constant pursuit of improvement, we have come to understand that a single-minded approach will never help you achieve your full potential. Only a method that addresses weaknesses, bolsters strengths and fills in the missing pieces with fundamental knowledge and tools, will take you to the edge of your limits, and beyond. That is the FlowPoint Method.

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