Training Philosophy

Our holistic approach to water skiing.

Our APproach

Success never hinges on one single factor. In the constant pursuit of improvement, we have come to understand that a single-minded approach will never help you achieve your full potential. Only a method that addresses weaknesses, bolsters strengths and fills in the missing pieces with fundamental knowledge and tools, will take you to the edge of your limits, and beyond. That is the FlowPoint Method.

Ski Philosophy

Water Skiing is potentially one of the most complex activities out there. Because of this, three main factors become most important:

  • Understand the way skiing works.
  • Developing and refining muscle memory and programmed movement patterns.
  • Minimize wear and tear and your body.

To truly evolve your movement patterns such that you improve over time, you have to develop a deep understanding of the fundamental elements that control your performance on the water - you have to understand the way skiing works. Because of the complex nature of what’s required on the water to succeed, we know we can never think our way through the course. We rely heavily on muscle memory and trained movement patterns when we are performing at our peak. As a result of learning to master the first two factors, a skier ultimately creates an approach that limits the demands on their body and increases their performance and longevity.

Our Solution

The FlowPoint Method aims to address and dive deep into all of these factors. With an eye towards the way things work, we dig into the physics behind water skiing and show you how it all works in the simplest ways possible. With an eye toward reprogramming your motor patterns, we give you training tools and a ski regimen that will ultimately pave the way for the clearest, shortest approach to your goal of being the best skier you can be in a way the fosters sustainability and gives you a healthy future on and off the water.

Fitness Philosophy

How do you train for waterskiing? That’s a question that, until now, hasn’t truly been answered. Our approach to fitness is the same as our approach to all areas of the Flow Point Method - it’s not a quick fix or a magic pill, but rather a lifestyle. We are made to move through shapes daily. We are made to be strong. We are made to be pain free. With skiing, you’re using your body in a way that will challenge it and put demands on it like no other activity does. Our goal is to provide you with ski-specific strength, mobility and stamina for maximum performance and longevity in the sport.

Nutrition Philosophy

There are a lot of ways out there to eat. Ultimately, any quality plan has the same overall vision – simply put, eat real food of good quality. That’s our philosophy as well. Eat a variety of real food, in its whole, nutrient-dense, properly prepared form of appropriate proportions and proper timing. The difference with our program from most out there is with Jenny as a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, we don’t just tell you what to eat, we teach you the importance of why and how. We give you the tools to find your bio-individual approach to discovering the best way to nourish your body for your health, your performance and your longevity.

Mindset Philosophy

In 2020, we’ve come to learn that the Mind-Body connection is far stronger than previously known. When it comes to performance, we know it's our mindset that truly counts, whether it’s our sport, our professional or our personal life. The importance of the state of Flow and how it relates to accessing your maximum potential cannot be understated.The ugly truth is that your fitness, nutrition and technique can all be perfect but if you don’t bring the right mindset to the moment, nothing else matters. Nothing is more tragic than putting in the work, having the stars align, but being unable to perform on command. So, the FlowPoint Method arms you with tools and strategies that fit your unique needs to help you maximize your potential on command.  

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