March 4, 2022

TAKE IT EASY! Don't try to be a Hero!

It’s Pre-season for many (if it wasn’t already) and its a great time to talk about how to get the most out of your first couple weeks and months back on the water. To maximize your PreSeason, you need the right mental approach, and the right set of expectations as you begin taking your first ski rides of the season. Here’s a checklist of 6 main things you can start incorporating into your PreSeason plan this year:

  1. CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT! - ALWAYS check your gear before getting back on the water. Binding screws, hinges and levers, fin screws, handle frays, etc..
  2. LONGER & SLOWER!  Be ready to keep the rope longer, and the boat speeds slower (than you want to). Easing into the season properly, means not trying to rush back to the level of performance you ended at last season.
  3. DON’T OVERTHINK your first ski rides: Usually the first ski rides feel fast and out of sync….Don’t get heady and start trying to spot treat your movements right away. Just focus on the feeling of being back on top of the water, and simply try to remember how to dance with the boat...less thinking, more reacting and feeling.
  4. FREESKI!! Most people don’t Freeski enough…but to get the most out of it, you should be thinking about a 2-part approach. // Part 1 - Initially, while free skiing, you should be prioritizing good body position, and making a good effort to use that body position in a dynamic fashion…..the basics.  DO NOT worry about timing/rhythm during this phase…do allow yourself to fall into the trap of skiing longer, slower arcing turns (relative to the normal course rhythm) so that you can use that extra time to “find the feeling” you are looking for. Part 2 - as you begin feeling more comfortable free skiing, then you can start using the FEELING that you found in part 1, to prioritize Timing/Rhythm with the boat, and work towards a rhythm that more closely matches the course rhythm. Early Season frequency of Freeski vs Course ski rides should be about 50/50 for the first couple weeks, cycling back and forth between the Course and Freeskiing. This 2 part approach can help you work out the early season bugs, while doing it in a way that doesn’t frustrate and deteriorate over time!
  5. KEEP THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE: There’s always more time than you think, and the season is longer than you think. Aim for a smooth, progressive climb back to the skier you were in your prime last season….don’t push when your gut tells you not to. This isn't a race, and no one is timing you.
  6. ENJOY THE PROCESS: The more you can find joy in the rituals of this sport we all love, the more likely you are to have successes each day/week/month, as opposed to unexpected and unwanted failures. A huge component of how well we rate our own skiing throughout the season hinges on how we mentally frame the outcomes of each ski ride, each ski day, and each ski week...find ways to enjoy the process, the ski buddies, the successes and failures,... If you can do that, you can change the game for yourself, not only for this 2022 season, but for many more seasons to come.

For more, or to learn more about what we offer with the FPM Program, shoot us an email! Its time you give yourself the tools to take your skiing to the next level!

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