February 2, 2022

Better Beliefs = Better Movements = Better Outcomes

If you care about skiing, you probably have a set of beliefs about skiing, and how it works. Your beliefs drive your movements, adjustments and corrections. Your beliefs give you’d strength to take 1 more set!…or 1 more pass, to try to “get it right.”

But what if your beliefs are faulty? You could be wasting a lot of time chasing your tail and getting nowhere.

To get the most out of your skiing, and find the quickest path to your ultimate potential, you would be wise to assess and (if needed) adjust your Beliefs.

Just remember, the simpler you can make skiing, the better the results and the more fun you’re going to have. So, don’t be afraid to take a hard look at some of the most fundamental beliefs you have about skiing, and make sure you know exactly why you believe them to be true.

Often, the only thing holding us back from our true potential is US! Be curious, ask questions and don’t be afraid to change your opinion if/when you realize you might have been on the wrong path for the past week/month/year/etc…

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